• Red River Zoo

    The Red River Zoo promotes education and conservation of endangered cold-climate species animals. Since opening its doors in 1999, the Zoo has been awarded for its conservation efforts in breeding of Chinese Red Pandas among other animals such as the Sichuan Takin, Bactrian Camel, and Pallas Cats.

    To support this mission, Fargo West Rotary conducts an annual ‘Harley Raffle’ with all proceeds being donated to the Red River Zoo. The Harley Raffle started in 1999 with a commitment from Fargo West Rotary to build the ‘Takin Ridge’ exhibit which is home to the Sichuan Takin. Takin are endangered in their natural ranges in Northern Asia.

    Since our initial commitment to the Zoo, the club has contributed to the Grey Wolf, Wings of the Orient, Bactarian Camel, and Otter Rapids exhibits. We have also been a key financial supporter of the Children's Zoo Farm.

    Through the raffle, Fargo West Rotary has donated more than $500,000 in support of the Red River Zoo. (www.redriverzoo.org)

  • Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA)

    RYLA is a leadership camp for high school students. Each year, we sponsor up to three participants to attend. Although most campers are reluctant to go at first, they all come home with a vastly different outlook on the camp...and a lot of new friends!

    Common remarks from attendees are that they have never been so free to be their authentic selves, that they never dreamed they could make such close friends in such a short period of time, and that they can't wait to make a difference in their schools and communities.


    Although we take pride in having wonderful speakers join us at our meetings, sometimes the best way to learn is by seeing something up close. That's why we have off-site meetings every once in a while--to appreciate what our community has to offer by seeing it firsthand.

F-M Rotary Foundation

There are five Rotary clubs in the Fargo-Moorhead metro area. We have joined together to form the F-M Rotary Foundation. This collective allows us to better collaborate on large scale projects in our community (like the ones described below) and abroad (like our numerous service trips to Guatemala).

  • Rotary Ride: The Flatlander

    Each year on the Saturday after Labor Day, the F-M Rotary Foundation sponsors a series of bicycle rides for cyclists of all ages and ability. Net proceeds from the ride have funded a number of the projects featured on this page.

  • Universal Playground

    The Foundation's first project was the Universal Playground at Fargo's Lindenwood Park. It is a playground specifically designed to accommodate children of all levels of physical ability.

  • Miracle Field

    In partnership with Moorhead Parks, the Foundation raised funds to build Miracle Field in 2010. The field is a T-ball sized baseball field for children with special mobility needs so they can experience the thrill of hitting a baseball and scoring a run. The field has a rubber turf surface to accommodate wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, or braces.

  • Recital With A Cause

    After virtuoso Itzhak Perlman performed a benefit concert, local Rotarians thought a local event would be a great way to raise money for polio eradication and local arts programs while also providing a showcase for local talent. Held each spring, the event has raised more than $100,000 since its inception.

  • GiGi's Playhouse

    Gigi's Playhouse changes lives "through consistent delivery of free educational, therapeutic-based and career development programs for individuals with Down syndrome, their families and the community, through a replicable playhouse model." The Foundation gave the local playhouse $50,000 over a five-year period.

  • Natural Playground

    The Foundation's current project! We are working to build a natural playground at one of the F-M parks. Designs and locations are not yet finalized, so stay tuned for developments.