Together, we serve

Standing Club Fundraisers

Our standing club fundraisers are our signature events. In dollar terms, the Harley Raffle has made the biggest impact in the community, raising more than half a million dollars for the zoo since its inception. The Peach Sale may be the thing for which we are best known. The profits from this sale provide much of the funds which we donate back into the community.

  • Peach Sale

    The 2022 pre-sale has begun! Click this link to place your order.

    A gift to charity has never tasted so good! Picked right off the trees in Colorado then shipped directly to Fargo, the peaches are plump, juicy, and full of flavor. You can enjoy these peaches fresh or transform them into delectable treats such as pies, cobblers, crisps or smoothies.

    All profits from our peach sale fundraiser are donated to nonprofits in the Fargo-Moorhead area so they can improve quality of life for people in our community. Buying our peaches is like making a donation yourself, and you have the best peaches money can buy.

  • Harley Raffle

    Congratulations to our 2022 winners:

    • Jane Plecity (Valley City) - 1st prize (2022 Harley-Davidson Street Glide motorcycle)
    • Peter Moen (Gary, MN)  - 2nd prize ($1,000 cash)
    • Molly Swanston (Fargo, ND) - 3rd prize is ($500 cash)

    Imagine winning a brand new 2022 Harley Davidson Street Glide motorcycle with your raffle ticket purchase! At the same time, you'll be bringing joy to area children (of all ages) and experiences with creatures of the varied animal kingdom. For 23 years, we've raffled a Harley-Davidson motorcycle with all proceeds invested in building and improving an extraordinary asset of the Fargo-Moorhead community, the Red River Zoo.

    Thanks to the many generous people who buy tickets, we're able to annually fund a unique project at the zoo, visited by thousands of local people and out of town guests each year.


    How does it work? We sell up to 600 tickets at $100 each. Tickets go on sale in the early spring of each year and the drawing is held at the Harley-Davidson Fargo Location. (701 Christianson Drive W, West Fargo, ND).  Click this link to purchase a ticket.